GOA! The name suggest that the place is full of gorgeous and pristine beaches, lushing greenary and waterfalls, delicious seafood and crazy night life. But with these it have other treasures also and one sich treasure is its mighty and magnificent FORTS.

These are mostly built by the Portugese, these wonderful Forts are the asset to the Goa heritage. These Grand Forts give a beautiful view of the city and the pristine beaches, houses and the churches. If you are in Goa, then do not forget to visit these beautiful and magnificient forts.


Fort Aguada is a 17th century fort built by Portugese along the mouth of the Mandovi River and Arabian Sea. This magnificient Fort is situated at the Sinquerim beach approx 18 km from Panjim and giving a very beautiful view of the beach.

The highlight and the main attraction of this Fort is the Portugese built four storey Light House which was built in 1864. This  Lighthouse stands one of the oldest of its kind in the continent of Asia.

Built in 1612, to protect the Portugese from the Dutch and Marathas. The Fort is named as Aguada fort because the word “Aqua” means water and used to be a source for freshwater to the sailors. And thus, it is one of the biggest freshwater reservior of Asia.

One of the interesting feature of this Fort is the Prison cells which were used in the administration of Salazar, 100th Prime Minister of Goa.


Chapora Fort, 10 km from Mapusa, one of the most famous forts in Goa. Built in 1717 by Portugese. More popularly known as the “Dil chahta hai Fort” because the bollywood movie Dil Chahta Hai that told the story of 3 friends, this movie captured the Chapora Fort in a few scenes and brought it to the limelight of travellers from all over the country.

The fort was originally built by the Muslim ruler Adil Shah and was called Shahpura, but the fort was later reconstructed by the Portugese naming it Chapora Fort because the Chapora River flows right along the Fort. The hill-top location of the fort offers a commanding and breathtaking view of the Vagator beach and especially the sunset.


Reis Magos Fort is the oldest fort in Goa, located on the banks on the River Bardez in Panjim in Goa. Built in 1551, having  Robust laterite walls and Portugese turrets and the structure served as one of the first bastions, where Portugese rulers stood against the invasion of the enemies , which was later converted into a jail and then a Hospital.

During the long history of this fort , the Fort has played many roles. It once served as the residence for viceroys and other dignitaries.  The fort is also listed under Goa Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains Act.

The Fort offers a fabulous view of the surroundings. And the fort regularly organizes exhibitions, displays, performances, fairs, festivals and educational events to promote the cultural heritage of Goa.


A famous Fort in Goa that offers you a sweeping view of the countryside, the Tiracol Fort and also known as Terekhol Fort as it is situated across the Terekhol  River from the Querim beach in North Goa. This magnificient struture was once a crucial part of the maritime defence of the Portugese colonists . Today, it serves as the marvellous Tiracol heritage hotel and offers an unbeatable panoramic view of the Arabian Sea.

The Fort was built by Maharaja Khem Sawant Bhonsle, the ruler of Sawantwadi in 17th century. It has been converted into thr Heritage Hotel with the aim to preserve its beauty and offer tourists a chance to stay inside this heritage structure. The church is also built in the Fort complex, but its doors are opened to welcome to the public only on special occasions.

The part of the Fort is open to the visitors and if you are planning to visit the Fort, one should try and have a delicious lunch at the Fort Tiracol Heritage Hotel


The Fort is located in the Canacona region of South Goa, The Cabo de Rama Fort is one of the oldest forts in Goa. The fort was once under the Hindu rulers and was built by Hindu Soonda Rulers. But later, the fort was passed to the Mughal rulers and then it came under the Portugese.

The fort is associated with the legend of Ramayana. It is believed that Lord Rama, Goddess Sita and Lord Lakshmana lives in this Fort during their 14-year exile. An in 1760s, it was captured by the Portugese and used as a military base and later as a prison.

A significant feature of this Fort is a small chapel- a Church of Santo Antonio, at the entrance of the Fort. One can find many devotees praying at the church, and the magical view which it offers attracts the Fort.


Mormugao Fort is one of the top coastal forts in Goa, located at Mormugao port, a few km from Vasco De Gama. A popular tourist attraction, it was built in the early 17th century across the mouth of River Zuari by the Portugese with the aim to protect the Margoa port in the region.

Though most of the fort is presently in ruins, the bastions and bulwarks still stand tall and fortift the area. It has 2 lovely and stunning fountains named – Fonte de Malabar and the Fonte Santo Ignacio. They are believed to be originated from a gold and sulphur mine.

The fort gates carry inscriptions that give glimpses of past stories. Eourists are atrracted with the spectacular view of the Varca beach.

Goa is a place where you find pristine beaches, lushing greenary, crazy parties and vibrant nightlife but it also has a vast heritage.  The spectacular and mesmerizing forts of the Goa are the must visit places where you came to know about the histories behind the forts which also gives beautiful and magical view of the countryside.

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